Hi, I'm some guy people call Mike. I'm owner and founder of this splendid company. X-MiGuPLAY was founded in October of 2015 and formed as an LLC in April 2017.  X-MiGuPLAY's mission is one of having fun and being different. I'm not some  extravagant entrepreneur looking to make the next 'Fort nocker' or 'Dimekraft' or revolutionize dick.   

When I started building Anya in 2015, I had no distribution for the nudy version and had originally built the game  for an "OS" that is tablet friendly.

After toning down the game and still not being cleared for distribution I had to ask myself ... why am I censoring this? I have spent countless hours learning how to code and animate and all this other fucking shit to just censor my original vision? Fuck that. I pulled the plug on the "Tablet" version and said to myself "Well, I'm going to sit here and build these games anyway even if I don't sell a single fucking copy". I then decided to manufacture a few hundred bucks worth of discs and created an activation key system to distribute hard copies. As I was testing the install discs and lining up distribution, something magical happened. Steam opened its doors and I was able to become one of the indie developers cleared to distribute my products.


July 31st of 2018 marks the 1 year anniversary of Stripper Anya's NUDE NSFW release on Steam.

I am astonished that I have sold any copies. Not because I was not confident or proud of these products but just because it has been a long journey. I started learning to develop in 2012 and have made this happen while running a household and working day jobs. I may have not sold a million copies but that's okay because I don't need to. I would do this shit for free because I have done this shit for free and to me, its about creating shit that other people find funny or dig.  As of today  people in China, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, the UK, Australia, Russia, Korea, Austria, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Argentina, Indonesia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Thailand, Kuwait, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Singapore, Bahrain, Chile, Denmark, Romania, Cyprus, Colombia, Qatar, Slovenia, Philippines, Malaysia, Macau, Uruguay, Andorra, Iceland, Hong Kong, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, India, Ukraine, and the US have played Stripper Anya.


That to me is fucking cool and worth my time invested. Its about finding other people that enjoy something you made. Even if it was for one quick fap or to have a laugh with your buddies. If you are one of the  people that bought an X-MiGuPLAY game and are reading this, Thank you. 



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