Welcome to X-MiGuPLAY! We are an indie game studio founded in FL because, I mean, look at our shit! It screams Florida man? Right? Maybe.

TLDR: Thanks for your support. We are NOT PORN, be nice to people and we're doing stuff. So long and thanks for all the fish. Click the menu buttons ^ up there to navigate our game library.

IBAIGTRTET: (I'm bored and I'm going to read this entire thing):

Founder, M, started making horrible Indie games back in 2012 and some would argue that actually never stopped! Yes, we are not afraid to make fun out of ourselves! Or you. That said, we are happy to announce that we've done something that 95% of Indie devs don't (according to some seminar back in 2013). We are profitable! Which is awesome, because this shit is expensive. $800 for ZBRUSH? Annual Animation Suite upgrades? FMLITB! 

What this means is, if you hate us, you are fucked.

Why?  Because we are here to stay with...

One goal in mind: Continue to deliver content to our audience.


We started with our first release, Stripper Anya: Demon Slayer in Summer of 2017. The launch was OKAY and we (as a company) learned a lot. 1: If your family & friends want to support you after buying your games, tell them not to write any reviews because if the wrong curators find out, they will shit on you and blow it all out of proportion. 2: A game is not done once it is released. We got MAD street cred for this because, we continued to improve Stripper Anya Demon Slayer. We even did a mega upgrade over a year after its release. This included game play revisions, improved graphics, remixed audio & even hired an authentic Japanese artist to help us with manga illustrations. That shit was off the chain! 

Anyway! Contrary to popular belief we are NOT PORN! We are like H.B.Izzle mature content meets skinamax. I mean, grown ups deserve games too? Besides, we're a small ass indie studio ... its not like we're THE Big Nin publishing 'Vibrator Simulator: Devil's Horn'. 

Continuing ... Our games are made tongue in cheek and we are here to have fun and spread positive vibes. Live, Laugh, Love ... said some 20 something's first apartment wall. So, embrace the good vibes, keep on swimming short term memory problem fish and don't let toxic people de-swag your swiggle. Are these even real words?

We are proud to have survived this 8 year journey and to have the joy of meeting amazing users, community members, curators, reviewers and the occasional fuck boy. I know what you are thinking ... Yo, M-dawg .. why do your games have low amounts of reviews and low forum activity?

IDK, bru? Is it because our users are too busy playing their video games and living their best life instead of getting involved in forum and review drama? We were so happy to learn during our data digs on store traffic that we had received traffic from best sellers lists on several occasions! It was amazing news. We freakin' RANKED!

If you have supported us, thank you a million times. X-MiGuPLAY is pround to serve a niche market and is grateful to still be here making cheese. Cheers. Cheerse?




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