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One night ... the words were said, "Wouldn't it be funny if ..."


Years later, this game hit Steam. First of all, don't give us any shit on the nudity, for gods' sakes, Donald Duck has no fucking pants.

Anyway, video games. Your main character or hero or antihero plumber, whatever... does not change their clothes throughout the game. This is especially true in retro games. Which is a mega influencer on this studio.

Yeah! That's a real influencer, not this shit on Instagram. Just kidding, you all do you!

Image if the dudes in Double Dragon we're in the middle of taking shits when the girlfriend got punched in the stomach. They'd be pantless all game. Right?


Well, Anya is a Stripper. She's topless when shit goes down. Makes sense that she's topless all game. I mean they're just fucking nipples.


Anyway, this game put us on the map and brought in international sales from every continent. Except Antarctica. Which is shrinking and we are all going to fucking die thanks to the industrial revolution. Also, the Earth is not fucking flat!


Well, when you purchase Stripper Anya on Steam, you get both the original 2017 version and the VST upgrade. Here's a review that explains things better than me and my pet albino squirrel, Terry Van HAMMER OF FUCKING DEATH Winkle, ever could!

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X-MiGu FIGHTERS: Stripper Anya 2

How to top Anya's top?


We needed to introduce more focused character designs. Embrace rock out with your cock out. Embrace our day and age's need for diversity & inclusion. We needed a couple dicks out and some more alien busts. We needed improved physics simulations on our 3-D models' jigglies. We needed more refined code, more game play stability. Programmed to feel like the late 90s arcade fighters, Anya returned in X-MiGu Fighters: Stripper Anya 2

Why is this blurb so short? Click the link below for the most legit breakdown FUCKIN' ever.

XMF: Stripper Anya 2 Screen Shot
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