Stripper Anya: Demon Slayer

This is Stripper Anya: Demon Slayer. For the gamer that likes TNA and a nod to classic arcade games.

What started out as an idea over whiskey has turned into an underground cult classic of just what the fuck? And ... well, why the fuck not!?

I just wanted to make a video game that I had yet to find. Where was my classic side scrollin' beat em up with unnecessarily huge tits and zombie dicks? Let it be strange and stand there in all its uncomfortable three testicled glory! This game was created to please no mainstream media "my shit smells like potpourri" ass hats. Yes, there was outrage when Anya dropped like a hot set of balls in West Kendall mid August. 


After a successful first quarter sales with thousands more wish-listed ... that was enough for X-MiGuPLAY to commit to building more games, better games with more sophisticated game play & Dz Nuts.

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