X-MiGu Fighters

You know when human kind finally encounters aliens, we're gunna fuck, right?


How to top Anya's top? We needed to introduce more focused character designs. Embrace rock out with your cock out. Embrace our day and age's need for diversity & inclusion. We needed a couple dicks out and some more alien busts. We needed improved physics simulations on our 3-D models' jigglies. We needed more refined code, more game play stability. Programmed to feel like the late 90s arcade fighters, Anya returns in X-MiGu Fighters: Stripper Anya 2. 


Like Stripper Anya: Demon Slayer, X-MiGu Fighters was coded from scratch but with many conceptual improvements made. With an improved look and feel, X-MiGu Play's audience doubled at launch as did our sales performance. With the funding now coming in to support future titles without question, it is important to acknowledge that X-MiGuFighters was monumental in ensuring future titles will continue to come down the pipe. Thank you to all of our supporters! 

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